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Yes, you can do it several ways. With the image selected: Pull down the Image menu, then say Duplicate 1 Photo. ⌘-D Right-click or Ctrl-click the photo, then say "Duplicate 1 photo" None of these methods make a copy of the original file on disk, a fact you can verify by subsequently saying File → Show Referenced File in Finder. No matter whether you ...


You should buy a calibrator(x-rite or spyder are the two main brands that come to mind) and do the calibration yourself. Having it calibrated there won't necessarily do you much good. For a proper calibration you should do it right about as you want to edit those photos. And that's only after you have had your screen on for about 15-20 minutes. That's ...


Stack by time : You can sort by date and then create a smart collection ....


Unfortunately color calibration is a bit of a complicated field. For best results, you will want to use a color calibration device such as a Spyder or Colormunki. These devices are somewhat pricy, but a very necessary step for getting solid color accuracy. Software that comes with the color calibration units will display various colors on your display and ...

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