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Canon will almost certainly always have a version of Digital Photo Professional to include with their cameras. Apple may not always support Aperture. (Yeah, I know. Hindsight's always 20/20)


Yes, Lightroom has a similar feature to Aperture's that could let you do what you want--assuming you actually have the bandwidth and patience to transfer half a gig of files to your cloud drive. The feature is called Smart Previews. It was a feature designed both for using Lightroom on tablets, as well as for being able to work on images on an external ...


Photo organizing software is generally of two types, browsers and DAM/PIEs. A browser just browses folders that have images in them. Maybe showing just the images, or allowing albums to be made that are really links or paths to the photos. The images themselves are kept in what filesystem arrangement the user wants. Lyn, AfterShot Pro (in part), Graphic ...

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