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Look around here: This might give some insight on how well it does match your copy of the lens. To get to grips with the numbers I'd try to find a lens I own (and am content with) and COMPARE -number wise.


This is not "obviously irrelevant to normal photography" at all; we just don't normally worry about the sort of precision that you'll need to deal with. There are two numbers that we ordinarily take at face value, knowing that they're slight fibs: the focal length of the lens (which is usualy rounded to a "friendly" value except on data sheets), and the ...


From what you describe I do not believe Lightroom has an exact equivalent. Overall I understand why someone might ask the question that you have and desire that view. It is the standard view for graphical operating system folders such as Windows or OS X. The thing is when you have 10's of thousands of images and hundreds or thousands of folders, showing an ...


Nikon G Lenses use a mechanical aperture control, so I would guess that it should be possible modify one to add a aperture ring. Would it be practical? No. Either go for a newer camera or an older lens model.

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