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Regarding "always wastes huge amount of time", this is not unlike many compact cameras using the contrast-based AF, the focusing algorithm has to blindly try various lens positions and compare the results, because it has no other way to know what the correct focus distance could be. Some smartphones, having specialized focusing hardware, can also use faster ...


You might want to explore ShutterSnitch with an EyeFi wireless SD card as ShutterSnitch has support for collections. While this doesn't address your need to name the files in sequence as far as I know (I admittedly haven't used it in a while), it does present a method which would allow virtual folders (collections) for easy sorting of clients. For the ...


I'll make some assumptions that aren't covered in your post. The images are all stored on the camera while shooting, you are shooting at a fixed location, and you are using a Canon EOS DSLR, like the 70D. Need more clarification from you. There are already apps out there that allow you to connect your Android to your camera, so it can definitely be done. ...

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