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I would suggest to think of the future: do you want to do more shoots? Think about that in your choices. You could agree that this time you do not charge anything but you use the photo's in your portfolio. This way you could earn money over the photos. And see the loss as money spend on learning. And learn from it. As told by others before. Agree upon a ...


Before I start: Past a certain point (where the camera does not limit the ability of the photographer to take the photos they want to), it is the photographer who makes a photograph good (with composition etc.), NOT the camera. This question is one only you can answer completely, however, as always, guidance on where to begin can help. Below I have made a ...


In general, I think you want something that has manual and semi-manual modes easily available so you can experiment and grow those skills, but still have full auto and be something you will carry around all the time. Certain classes of cameras have manual settings, and others have dropped them completely so it's hard to find a pocket p&s that can go ...

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