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As other users have mentioned, this depends highly upon the height of the plane. Having taken a few photos of a plane flying above recently, I can share with you my results. For this effort, the plane was presumably cruising (I'm in so-called flyover country). If the plane is closer to the ground, you're in a much better position than I was. This was taken ...


I'm guessing this would be a lot harder than it looks. I just got a picture of a plane taking off from my local airport by accident in a shot the other day and I'm guessing the plane was only around 5 miles away since that's how far the airport is and it came out looking microscopic! Best bet would be find out ahead of time what airport the plane is taking ...


IMO this will be somewhat hard (but not impossible) Planes do not fly at random time: All planes have to register a flight plan with the local authorities and will follow that flight plan; and follow corridors (traffic lanes); so if you have a plane flight number, you can have its position (see below) Elevation/Distance: The higher the plane is the longer ...

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