Napioa - Wind Origins

Napioa - Wind Origins
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1800 mm lens is the right answer for the 20000 feet, but remember, this represents a 400 foot wide field, and the plane is traveling maybe 500 MPH. That's 733 feet/second, so it will cross the field of view in about 1/2 second, and it will be quite difficult to find it in the viewfinder in the first place. Nothing about it will be easy. You can buy a ...


Do some simple math: Assume the plane is 20000 feet away, and 200 feet long. Let's also assume you want to fill half the frame width (in a full-frame camera), which is 1/2 of 36 mm = 18 mm. With B/G*d = f (where B is the size in the picture, G the size of the object, and d its distance), you get: f = 18mm/200ft*20000ft = 1800 mm An easier to remember way ...


Is it really possible? Yes. For curiosity, what kind of equipment is needed? A very long focal length - or another plane.

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