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I think you should buy a graduated ND filter, use a longer exposure, and try again, with a tripod of course.


Two things need to happen in order to get a good "long exposure" photograph. Extended shutter Steady camera The shutter speed you used works for this scene, but the camera isn't steady enough. To eliminate the movement your body imparts on the camera, use a tripod, or set the camera down on a wall or other stable surface. It is also good practice to ...


To add to the other more technical points, I'd suggest changing the composition slightly. At the moment you have a lot of 'just' water in the bottom right. Moving the fountain down and right in the image would show more of the river (lake?) disappearing into the distance. As a general rule of thumb, putting the main subject of an image in the centre of the ...


Wait until the light is more favorable. This would probably be a time when the sky is not overcast and the sun is behind you, such as in the hour after sunrise or the hour before sunset. With proper exposure, this will allow the sky to appear blue instead of white.


"What to improve" is a very subjective question. with that in mind: one of my main dislikes about this exposure is the "burned" sky due to the long exposure. As your sky is somewhat similar in color to the fountain water, it reduces the emphasis from it. As you are probably using a tripod, I would attempt to capture a HDR (high dynamic range) image to get ...

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