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More generally, what is the nature of the gamut? Primaries as peak sensitivity don't behave the same as primaries for mixing output. I suppose this is necessary to know for RAW importing and would be explicitly stated in a DNG file. Do they vary greatly between cameras? The output from the sensor is RGB based, so if interpreted simply as three ...


Digital cameras and films to do not have "primaries". The spectral sensitives of digital cameras and films dictate their response to various wavelengths of light. These native responses are sometimes encoded relative to a set of encoding primaries such as rec709, adobeRGB, Kodak ProPhoto (aka RIMM/ROMM), or ACES but these encoding primaries have nothing to ...


I found this page which includes the illustration: It reminds me of how the human eye works, which I'm sure is not a coincidence. The similarity is that the difference in red and green spans most of it, with blue breaking the tie by picking out the left side. The green right slope comes down around 630 and blue picks out the half left of the green ...

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