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This is a function of Adobe Camera RAW. It appears that ACR reads the camera set cropping info and accepts that this is the ratio and limit of the pixels available. I have done the same with Canon EOS cameras where it is possible to set the aspect ratio via a custom function. Once the images are imported to LR or PS there is no possibility to extend the ...


It shouldn't make any difference, they are both tools created by Adobe with the same processing engine behind them. As long as the versions of camera raw are in sync, its the same thing. Use whichever one suits your workflow the best. If you spend most of your time working a single image at a time and in PS, then stick with that. If you edit thousands of ...


If cropping more than a little trim, I'd rather export less to the huge TIFF file initially. If rotating as well as just discarding pixels, one or the other might have better algorithms. With the latest version of PS, you can load the raw file as a "smart" object and fiddle with the cropping and other ACR settings within the PS image, so there is no ...


A camera profile may consist of several operators, including: A linear transform (a matrix) from the camera RAW color space to CIE XYZ color space (used to compute the conversion transform to ProPhoto RGB, which is the working color space of Lightroom). An HSV lookup table - Similar to the HSL function in Lightroom, but provides much more control on the ...

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