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How do I force Adobe Camera Raw to use monitor color profile ? You probably can't without some serious hacking, but device profiles should not be used for editing anyways. If you insist on converting the image to device profile, use ProPhoto RGB and do Convert to Profile (specifying the device profile) later in PS. I shoot in RAW. sRGB is set on ...


ACR is not a stand alone application, but a Photoshop/Bridge plug-in. But if the file extension of your raw files is associated with Photoshop, PS should load and the file should open immediately in ACR when you double click it from explorer. Functionally, there is no difference then to your requirement. What your own browsing program does is, of course, ...


My 3c of personal experience.... I had a 5Dii. Found DPP slow, but also I was moving all my workflow and computing over to Linux. Darktable, Rawstudio - some excellent software alternatives in the Linux world. Then the 5Dii shutter died .. at under 8,900 clicks. Quote for repair was equal or more than a used one on auction sites. sigh Went out and bought ...



According to Adobe's Camera Raw Supported Cameras page, the A58 requires Camera Raw version 7.4 According to their Compatible Adobe applications page, CS5 only supports ACR plugin version 6 (6.0-6.7). Are you using CS6? If so, should be able to update camera raw as high as version 8.71, according to that page.

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