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Napioa - Wind Origins
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Get a Cokin P-series filter holder. The P-series works with lenses up to 82mm in thread size. You'll need an adapter ring for each thread size with which you plan to use the filter holder. Good adapter rings are available from third party sellers at very affordable prices, so 77mm, 67mm, 58mm, and 52mm adapter rings will allow you to use P-series sized ...


Adaptors to reduce the filter thread of a lens are a bad idea. They cause vignetting (dark areas in the corners). You might get away with a reduction of 2mm as different brands standardise on different sizes. Some kit lenses have bigger threads than they need so that the manufacturer needs to support fewer standard sizes. Apart from these 2 cases your not ...


I have K&F Concept Lens Mount Adapter: It works perfectly and I like that the one I have for Nikon F Mount is from a different company (Kiwifoto) so its easy for me to identify which is which. It is all ...


Yes, it is possible to mount and use Pentax K objectives with Sony E mount via adapter with following limitations: no autofocus and any function requiring electricity are usable no aperture coupling is possible, the aperture won't be opened for framing automatically and closed for exposure objectives without aperture ring will be have aperture closed ...

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