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For normal lighting, yes. For bizzare or novel light, no. "Normal" means sunlight or incandescent lighting, or other lights that try to immitate that (since it's what our eyes work with). Poor "color rendering index" lamps will be lacking but that's how it looked in person too! For odd colored lights, you need more data points to know just what is ...


What you describe is usually referred to as a lens skirt if made from cloth or a rubber lens hood when made from - you guessed it - rubber.


Grey charts are for accurate white balance. Accurate colour depends not just on the white balance, but also on the quality of the colour transform (colour profile) and its suitability for particular light in the scene. White balance is often a good start, but it does not solve it all, far from it. If you are not getting acceptable colour with just white ...


That is not a lens but an accessory optic. You cannot simply buy any lens or optics and expect it to be compatible. For a real fisheye lens, you would need one with an EF or EF-S lens mount. For an accessory optic like the one shown in your question, you need to make sure the threads match between it and your lens. In the case where the two parts do not ...


The attachment is intended to be used in front of the lens, and it has a male thread at its rear end, to be connected to the female thread of your lens. Either this one will fit directly, or, if not, it will need an adapter ring for the two threads, the rear thread of the attachment and the filter thread of your lens. They are both supposed to be found ...


The Velbon D-400 has a so-called "fluid head", where fluid damps movements to smooth video pans. That damping fluid probably leaked.

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