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The material most soft shutter release buttons are made of is not the reason they are called such. Many, including this one and this one, are made from metal or other rigid materials. The reason they are so called is because some users feel the larger size and raised position of the button compared to the typical small shutter release button on classically ...


It's for cameras that do not have a PC sync port so that they're able to fire strobes that do have one, common in professional lighting equipment. So, in this realm, the PC means "Prontor/Compur" and that is (becoming "was") the standard port used by cameras to trigger off-camera strobes over a cabled connection. This has, slowly, started to be replaced by ...


No, there is no way for a remote trigger to be hooked in. There are no ports or IR capability for a remote to work with. Even the USB port appears to be limited to file transfer (either to a PC or a Printer) so it is unlikely that a remote control system could be rigged up via the USB port either. The self timer is going to be your only option with that ...

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