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As I've tested (took 10 series of shots) the 50mm f1.8, I've come to this result: If the lens starts focusing from the nearest focus point (inner barrel is fully out of the outer barrel), then the image will be very-very front focused. If you set the focus ponint to infinity, and then start autofocusing, then the image will be as I say 98% spot on focused. ...


In the film era, the 50mm/1.8 was the kit lens, so any books/instruction from that era may emphasize its use. In the digital age with crop bodies, a 50mm lens is still relevant for a number of reasons: The Canon 50/1.8 II is super-cheap as dSLR lenses go. It makes an easier blind recommendation than a more expensive lens. If the beginner asking the ...


Everyone needs a cheap 50mm. With f1.8 vs say your 28-300's f3.5(at it's widest aperture), you have more than a stop of light-gathering ability. 50mm gives you super powers.


Sure. Because you are on a Full Frame (FX) camera, it is a 'normal' lens and it will help you a lot to understand better the art of photography. See here for the details. D700 is a good camera, however its ISO performance is somewhat... um... outdated. It has let's say 'problems' in indoors and other low-light conditions. An F/1.8 is a must in such ...

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