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Both lenses have their strengths and weaknesses, so there is no clear cut "better" lens between the two. Each person will need to weigh all of the factors and decide for themselves which are more and which are less significant. Here's a basic rundown of the advantages and disadvantages for each lens: Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 Very good overall image quality. ...


I'd look at the Sigma if I were you, reviewers seem to like it at least. I had the Canon and was very unimpressed by it, both optically and build-quality-wise. I ended up selling it and getting the Canon 1.8 instead, for all practical purposes it is a solid as the 1.4 (the USM motor in the 1.4 is a fragile design and susceptible to damage from even a slight ...


The D5200 has a crop factor of 1.5, so as you wrote, the 50mm will become 75mm and the 35mm a little over 52mm. Most photographers consider that portraits are best taken with a equivalent focal length of 70mm or greater (See Nikkor f/1.8G 35mm or 50mm? and 50mm vs 85mm for portraits on a crop sensor?). You can make also some statistics on the portraits you ...

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