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Voted and Favourited. From reading the 3rd comment. This is a 500px notation/abbreviation, not a photography term. Nice pics, BTW.


From their relevant Support page: width 880px for photos in landscape orientation, height 900px for images in portrait orientation. Even when you submit your images in that size, they will still get resized for display in thumbnails, and on iOS devices. Oh, and your carefully prepared originals in correct size are still recompressed into smaller files. The ...


V+F or V/F or V&F is just "Voted Favorited" which means, of course, that your picture was voted and favorited by the user :) Cheers"


Ok. I am not sure what you are asking, but I can try to guess. If a photo is already uploaded, it is rather difficult to modify, as that copy is no longer on your computer. I suggest downloading the photo, applying the watermark in photoshop/gimp (A free, open source version of photoshop), and re-uploading. I am not sure if this will preserve the metadata ...


Facebook is sort of a pain to work with for images, IME. The most reliable way to throw them clues seems to be the use of their open-graph meta tags. This post on wordpress.stackexchange.com is a pretty good place to start. I'm not positive I'm looking at the right 500px portfolio for you (the link in your profile is broken, I believe), but I'm not seeing ...

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