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For environmental mapping take a look on this ugly notes I did sometime ago. I will update them later. For simple textures you need to take the photo of the texture with the most uniform difuse ligth you can. You can make a light tent for example. This is to isolate the difuse map from shadows that you ...


Yes you can. The technique you use depends on 2 things. If you need a high resolution option or you want a realtime one. For the high resolution option you can take a series of shoots rotating the camera and after that stilching it on a special program. You can use Hugin that its free. You need some technique to do this. Here are some notes I did ...


It is possible to create spherical 3D views with a lot of cameras in precise arrangement, post processing and a VR headset. See this blog post by the esteemed Vi Hart for the gritty details:


It is possible to capture a full 360 x 180 degree panorama (allowing you to see in every possible direction), using either multiple cameras or specialized reflectors. However it will not be "3-D" in the sense that the image will contain no depth information, you couldn't turn it into a 3D model of a room and rotate it etc.

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