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Yes, you can re-wet the film. If you do, make sure it is submersed long enough to be fully wet. Then dry it just like you would freshly developed and rinsed film. That means dipping thru Photo Flu solution as the last step before hanging to dry. Of course the drying area needs to be as dust free as possible. Hang it somewhere air isn't blowing around, ...


Raising and keeping your skills and results to a level where people are willing to pay for it is a long never-ending quest, so you better get started as soon as possible. In this regard, the 35mm seems to be a better match. Based on my experiences, 50mm on a crop body is an uncomfortably long focal length as sole/main lens for indoor event photography, ...


You should research/test for your film stock. Note that TriX is about the most versatile film ever. I've pushed it to 1600 successfully, and the net has plenty of examples of it pushed to 3200. Look/ask around for what that will do to the contrast and resolution. Pushing TriX a stop will arguably have little effect if processed right. More importantly ...

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