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Well, it's four years now and as we all know, digital sensors are being packed with way much more photosites than ever. With today's technology, in a given format size, a digital sensor is far much better than film in terms of noise and resolution. Please notice the "given format size." I have scanned film negatives and I find that my Nikon D5500 (24MP) ...


First of all, the Yashica 35 series cameras are quite nice and I think it's worthwhile trying to get your camera working again. Regarding your specific question, you can find helpful advice regarding battery corrosion in this camera here, summary: Use cotton swaps lightly moistened with white vinegar and lots of patience to clean out the corrosion, some ...


The sensor (SONY IMX214) diagonal is 5.867 mm (~1/3"). crop factor = diagonal of the 35mm frame / diagonal of the sensor = 43.3 mm / 5.867 mm = 7.38 FocalLenIn35mmFilm = focal length * crop factor = 3.82 mm * 7.38 = 28mm

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