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Ah my knowledge of the ridiculous and obscure may come in handy! You want ISO 13450 (1996), which has all the juicy details on 110 film (size/shape of the cartridge, exposure area, speeds, etc.). Sadly I'm not sure where you can get a copy without forking over the Swiss Francs to the ISO folks - Perhaps someone else has a hook-up though. Perhaps also ...


I found two websites online that do mail-order development for 110 film: Bison Photo Dwayne's Photo You may also have luck getting it developed any place that still sells 110 film - I read that some WalMart Photos have the ability to develop 110 film.


I took mine (also from a Pentax Auto110!) to the local fancy camera store, and they couldn't do it. But CVS could! They sent it in to Kodak for processing, so it took a little while, but the results came back just fine.

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