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In photography the shutter-release button (sometimes just shutter release or shutter button) is a button found on many cameras, used to take a picture. When pressed, the shutter of the camera is "released", so that it opens to capture a picture, and then closes, allowing an exposure time as ...

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What is the proper remote shutter release for Canon 5D Mark iii?

I got lost finding the right remote shutter release for my Canon 5D Mark iii. I have the Hänhel Combi for Canon, which I use to use with Canon 550D but seems no use with 5D Mark iii. I googled and ...

Why does Nikon D90 makes strange sound and shifts Mirror in Viewfinded Eyepiece after Shutter-release button is pressed

Recently I have noticed that my Nikon D90 makes a strange sound and sort of shifts mirror up if you look at the viewfinder eyepiece after you release the shutter-release button. If you try to shoot ...