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Exposure is the total amount of light allowed to fall on a sensor or film during the taking of a photograph. This is determined by the exposure time (shutter speed) and amount of light admitted (lens aperture). Today, sensor/film sensitivity (ISO speed) is often also considered to be part of ...

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What TECHNICAL aspects of STUDIO photography do I need to know as a professional? [closed]

Even if it's basic I want to know! So for example, what technical things do I need to know about the camera, what technical things do I need to know about lighting and exposure? Anything you think I ...

What are the pros and cons of setting my camera to lock exposure on half press? [duplicate]

The Sony NEX-5R has an "AEL w/ shutter" option that Sets whether or not to fix the exposure when you press the shutter button halfway down (On/Off) (from the manual) What are the pros and ...