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I've been planning to get the Canon 430EX, but I'd love to save a little cash, so I started looking at other 3rd party flashes. I've found a few that claim to have ETTL II support, but being so much cheaper, it makes me wonder about the quality.

That being said, does anyone know of a good, inexpensive flash with ETTL II support?

These are 2 of the ones I found:

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I think you might be misunderstanding what ETTL-II is.

ETTL-II is a software improvement on using information with ETTL flashes and EF/EF-S lenses. It's implemented in camera bodies, not the flash-gun. So any flash that is ETTL compatible is automatically ETTL-II compatible when used with a Canon body that has ETTL-II.

As for a list of all bodies that have the improved ETTL-II, basically any Canon dSLR since 2004 has ETTL-II.

Regarding your question--inexpensive flash, I would go for the bigger Sigma Fredrik Mörk posted over the 430ex (IIRC they're nearly the same price, but the sigma can act as a master, and has a higher guide number, and is more feature rich).

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The Sigma EF-530 DG Super supports E-TTL II, and is supposed to be very good (a friend of mine had a couple before and was very happy about them).

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