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Bibble 5 Lite only allows output in Kodak ProPhoto RGB, which quite a few applications do not represent correctly (esp. when uploading to web services).

AFAIK, Bibble 5 Lite is hard-coded only to support this color profile, so it's not possible to change there. GIMP supports "correcting" it to sRGB, but is quite heavy to fire up for each picture I output.

So -- is there any way around this? Either a simple application to bulk-change the color profile, or perhaps some solution within Bibble?

(I'm not a color-profile expert, so I might have overlooked something obvious.)

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According to this documentation, "Bibble 5 Lite offers sRGB and ProPhotoRGB (the working space), while Bibble 5 Pro offers a broad selection of color profiles." It's under Additional Image Settings in the output settings for the queue.

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FWIW, I just verified this in my own install. It works. Beats me why Kodak ProPhoto RGB is the default (it was sRGB in version 5.0). – Reid Jul 28 '10 at 2:44

IrfanView has a batchmode and a huge array of functions. Perhaps it can correct the color space too.

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