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Whenever I purchase point and shoots I go in expecting them to be heavily used and abused, since we usually use them while going out to places where the likelihood of them getting damaged is high (nightclubs, pool halls, vacations, dinners at Applebees, etc)

So I need to replace one that we actually lost somewhere.. what would you suggest?

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The recommend-a-camera-question doesn't work very well on this site. The answer changes monthly as new models come out, and every year the quality of what you can get at the budget price level increases. Therefore, the best answer can really only be "Check out the current budget camera reviews at a camera review site" — which doesn't really answer your question. – mattdm Mar 6 '11 at 0:02

Well, there are huge differences between point-and-shoot models but your budgets pretty much limits you to the nearly indistinguishable bunch of lower-quality ones.

There is not much to do about losing a camera but for other obstacles you can get a rugged model. Most are drop-proof from 1 to 2 meters (about 6'), waterproof from 3-10m (10-30') and completely dust and moisture proof. There are a number of such models, which I believe the Fuji XP10 is the cheapest and falls within your budget. Here is the list of water-proof ultra-compacts.

To get better image quality you will have to spend more. At least in $180 for the Fuji Finepix F80 EXR. Fuji EXR models have excellent image quality and generally faster than most point and shoot. Better P&S will cost you much more for the technologies they use (larger sensors, CMOS, brighter lenses, etc).

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