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I gave it all away in the title :D. I just enjoy clicking random photographs and uptil now I was using the novice point-and-shoot camera. I would like to step up my game and learn.

So, I recently bought a Nikon D-3100 with two lenses 18-55 mm and 55-200mm. However, I am stumped and would like to learn the basics of photography in order to get better.

I particularly enjoy nature/landscape/skyline photography. Can someone point me in the right direction with some references ?

I'm not sure what else to include in the question. If I missed out on something, please leave me a comment.


PS: Im just an enthusiast, doing it for fun and pursuing it as a hobby.

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First of all you have to learn basics:

  • exposure
  • f-number (focal ratio)
  • ISO
  • white balance

Google a bit, there are lot's of answers.

I started from manual of my camera. I've gotten answers for questions i wrote above.

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