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I'm not entirely sure if this is the right place to ask this question, but I don't know of a better place. I need to set up a webcam to take a photo every minute for 24 hours, so that it can be compiled into a video that plays them at something like 20fps. However I don't know of software to do this - is there? I'm running GNU/Linux (ubuntu 10.10).

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This is called "time-lapse", btw, which may help you in your search – Michael Haren Feb 14 '11 at 20:13

There is plenty of software to do this in Ubuntu 10.10. I have not personally tried any of them so cannot vouch for which is best.

One useful link looks to be - - My Ubuntu Webcam setup this is fairly command line oriented but Popey does give all the steps to make a video of the resulting images

Other possible packages looking in my software list on Ubuntu 10.10 (you will likely need to enable the Universe repository to get all of them)

  • webcam
  • webcamd
  • cheese
  • kmotion

If you get stuck with Ubuntu specific issues you can always try the Ubuntu StackExchange site at

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Try gphoto2. It is available on the ubuntu repositories, and is a command line utility. it's very powerful, and allows you to use "regular" digital cameras, also.

Other choices would be VideoCapture module for python (assuming you know python).

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Echoing JoséNunoFerreira I would recommend gphoto2. I'm not in front of a Linux box to test it right now, but according to a tutorial the following command should work:

gphoto2 --capture-image --interval=60 --frames=1440

The interval figure is in seconds, and 60 x 24 = 1440 so it should take one photo every minute for twenty-four hours.

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