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I'm sort of confused between the 3.

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Project: Contains distinct photos/videos. A given photo/video can't exist in multiple projects, if you drag a photo from a project to another project it moves that photo.

Album: Contains photos/videos from any number of projects but can only contain one instance of any photo or video.

Folder: Contains Projects and Albums.

So, Project A can contain Photo1 and Photo2 and Project B can contain Photo3 and Photo4. Album A can contain Photo1, Photo2 and Photo3. Album B can contain Photo2, Photo3, and Photo4. Folder A can contain Project A and Album B.

If you drag Photo1 from Project A to Project B it becomes part of Project B and is no longer part of Project A. It has no impact on Album A and Album B.

If you make a couple test case Project, Album Folders it'll become clear :)

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just went through a re-org'd last weeks stuff, think I got it now. thanks – Jon Erickson Feb 14 '11 at 7:56
Here's a good link which goes into more detail for what Shizam said, and explains why there are two types of folders:… – khedron Feb 14 '11 at 15:22

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