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I don't ever bring my old tripod with me, not because it's too heavy, but because it doesn't fit into my bag...

So: are there any full-size tripods that fold down to, say, 35cm or less? (Extra information: it needs to support at least 1kg, and by full-size I mean at least 1m and preferably taller)

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I have a Velbon CX Mini that folds to 30 cm, but it only gets 64 cm tall.

The Velbon V-Pod folds to 29 cm and reaches 101 cm, according to their specifications.

Manfrotto doesn't seem to have anything that folds to less than 42 cm.

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Actually, it looks as though Velbon have a whole bunch of tripods that might do the trick - thanks for the pointer! –  Matt Bishop Jul 19 '10 at 13:42

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