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I downloaded my LumixLX5 images to a location on my internal hard drive and imported them to Lightroom2. The files showed up in light room's left column, pictures in the center area as I expected. However when I returned to LR after quitting, the files were missing from the left column and I could not access the imported pix. What am I doing wrong? I have used lightroom1 a lot. My computer is a 2006 iMac.

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When you imported them did you leave them where they were, or move them to be controlled by Lightroom? – LC1983 Feb 8 '11 at 16:54

If you imported the files, they should be there. Lightroom doesn't have a left column that lists files... my suspicion is that you're talking about Folders. Use the Folders label on the left side and navigate to the folder that contains your images.

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