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I would like to use the editor that opens in PS CS5 when you open a Raw file.

I would like to use it on a jpeg file as I find it extremely useful to get the right colouring.

Is it possible?

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There is a big difference internally in a JPG compared to a RAW file that seriously limits the range of changes you can do to the JPG image. Changing a JPG to RAW will not help much as the damage was done when saved as JPG, so avoid going to extremes. – Greg Feb 8 '11 at 0:56
@Greg, I agree this is not a replacement for shooting raw in the first place but it's a useful way to edit pictures from devices that don't support raw, such as camera phones. – Matt Grum Feb 8 '11 at 15:11
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Yes, it's possible. I use it a lot.

Open the settings for Camera Raw:

Edit > Preferences > Camera Raw

In the JPEG and TIFF Handling section at the bottom you can change the setting for JPEG to "Automatically open all supported JPEGs". Now when you open a JPEG file, it will open in Camera Raw.

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Where is the setting for Camera Raw? – azz0r Feb 9 '11 at 10:04

I think you're referring to Adobe Camera Raw. If so you can use this same interface for JPEGs but you have to use a round about method to do it.

The only way I've found to open JPEGs in ACR is to use Adobe Bridge, right click on a JPEG and select "Open in Camera Raw...":

The white balance controls will behave slightly differently (you specify relative rather than absolute values) but I still find it a very useful way to edit JPEGs if you're used to processing raws.

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