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I'm traveling now(I'm at Aruba) and I bought me a Canon 60D with the lens kit(EFS 18-55mm). I never used a camera that has removable lens like this one, my last one was a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ18, so I'm going to a lot of places to take some photos, but which is the best way to carry the camera and the lens on the case? My ideas:

  • Remove the lens and let the camera without any lens attached(just with the protector cover)
  • Let the lens on the camera as it is

Which one is correct? If I have more stuff like: More lens, flash and other things for taking photos, how should I carry them?

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Take a look at this picture:

I am

This is how I carry my camera (Nikon D80), 2-3 lenses and a flash. Also a small tripod (not on this picture). Everything is easy and fast to access, and stay in safe while transportation in a backpack (I travel a lot on a bicycle - you probably know how these all shakes there).

Bag for the camera is a Lowepro (don't remember a model, can look if necessary), and an Adorama Slinger lens cases (attaches to a camera bag on both sides).

Everything is still working well (knock-knock on wood).

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Keeping the lens on is usually fine, unless your luggage will be subjected to unusually rough treatment, in which case separating the camera body / lens and carefully padding each would be preferable.

For transporting multiple lenses, flash etc. a purpose built camera bag is the clear choice. These come in backpack and case forms. See also:

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Leave the lens on if you can, but don't sweat it if you have to take the lens off. The more you take off the lens, the more of a chance that dust will get into the sensor. But I know that I've sometimes had bags that I had to take the lenses off in order to fit.

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For a camera and just one other lens, I like to use a long camera bag meant for a telephoto (I use the the Lowepro Slingshot 75AW, but any long bag will do) - with normal size lenses you can usually keep the camera attached to a lens, with another lens under it - all of the long bags I think come with an internal padded divider that keeps the lenses from hitting each other.

A flash you could clip on the outside of a case like that, generally they have some way to attach other small bags.

There are also various belt systems made, with individual lens cases... a single bag looks more non-descript though and doesn't scream "expensive camera gear".

Whatever you do, it's better to leave the camera body attached to a lens if possible.

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