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I am on a very limited budget (small start-up with little funding), and would like some stock images, whether photos or line-drawings, for a website and some brochures.

I addition to the standard "man with glasses starting intently at computer screen whose contents he does not understand" and such-like business images, I need images in several fields:

  • oil & gas (refineries, rigs, etc)
  • industrial-maritime (freight liners and the like)
  • "measurement" which is sort of a vague concept, sorry
  • "communication" which is another. Latops/PCs communicating via WiFi, public 'phone network or satellite with a database

Some of these are definite objects (large ship) and some are concept (network).

Can someone recommend a good stock photo site for me? Thanks

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Here's a few good micro-stock sites I can recommend. I'm almost certain each site will have what you are looking for, at affordable prices.

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+1 Thanks. I will check them out & get back to you –  Mawg Jan 20 '11 at 8:19

It's well worth searching the Creative Commons licensed images on Flickr, I found a number of very strong images for a port website I recently designed (on a minimal budget).

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+1 another good suggestion. Thanks –  Mawg Jan 21 '11 at 3:37

Check out this collection of Science and Technology pictures that cover your topics needed.

Hope those help and please let me know what other image needs you have.

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+1 thanks, that look spromising –  Mawg Feb 2 '11 at 0:25

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