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This may be a Panasonic-specific question. My camera is a DMC-FT2.

On the memory card, apart from the JPG files a lot of other file types can be found. Do you know what they contain and what they are for?

    +P1000001.JPG, etc.     photos
\MISC                       empty folder
      +THUMB.DTD            about 2MB, contains thumbnails of movies?
      +THUMB.TID            about 2KB, maybe some kind of index
        +00000.CPI, etc.    ?? 1 per movie
        +00000.MPL, etc.    ?? only a few, seems to group up several movies together
        +00000.MTS, etc.    the movies themselves
      +INDEX.BDM            small file, probably index
      +MOVIEOBJ.BDM         small file, probably index
      +00000.VPL, etc.      ?? only a few, one per playlist
    +MODELINF.DAT           just contains one line with the name of the camera

Do you know of any reference information that would explain all of this?

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The AVCHD directory is for video files. I asked a similar question on another site (can't find it at the moment though). But it looks like you've gotten the gist of what they do. Wikipedia's page on AVCHD lists this structure as well:

alt text

Not sure where there is an official reference though.

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