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I have a panorama created from three separate images. As a result of perspective, there's an area that I need to fill seamlessly to match existing deep blue sky:

alt text

I've tried content-aware fill but it doesn't really have enough to work with and pulls in pixel data from the building as well as blue sky. I also tried using a gradient fill but there's enough variation horizontally at the sky edge that I can't get a good match.

Can anyone suggest how to fill the empty area so it matches the adjoining sky seamlessly?

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I'm guessing from your taks you are using Photoshop CS5. Doesn't photoshop CS5 have the nifty content aware deletion tool that works wonder with such things? Here's a tutorial on using it.

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Interesting.... I did things slightly differently and got awful results, but using the technique in the tutorial link gave me perfect results. Thanks! – Jim Garrison Dec 19 '10 at 1:16

It's not perfect but what I did was select a single line of pixels for the sky and stretched it to the frame boundaries. Then I simply brushed with the spot healing brush a couple of times to hide the compression artifacts.

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