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I've recently received a batch of processed film back from the LomoLab of some shots I took with a Sprocket Rocket loaded with Lomography XPro Sunset Strip 100 35mm film.

The film was cross-processed, and I noticed that almost every single shot has a yellow/green tint to them. When I compare this to some shots I took with a Lomo LC-A with Lomography XPro Chrome 100 film, there is a massive difference in the results. There were no tints to the images before, and every colour seemed to pop. Granted, they were taken with two different cameras loaded with different film!

My question is, what factors determine why there are different colour tints to these photos? Is it camera, film, lighting conditions, etc?

Here's a sample of shots:

Sprocket Rocket loaded with XPro Sunset Strip 100 35mm film Sprocket Rocket loaded with XPro Sunset Strip 100 35mm film

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From the product description I read that the Sunset Strip film is precolored, meaning that it's meant to do strange things with colors. Perhaps the result of the cross processing is the overreaction to the precoloring, which is why all of the shots have about the same tint/behavior? –  Dave Van den Eynde Aug 5 '14 at 14:05
Also, there's different types of cross processing. Perhaps you could enlighten us with the process that was used to develop the film? The film is meant to be processed with the C41 process which is a process for color negatives, which is rare for slide films that use the E-6 process. –  Dave Van den Eynde Aug 5 '14 at 14:07

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