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I recently did photography for a wedding and offered to do both color-processed and b&w. I have post-produced the best shots within my color batch. Now I simply need to create a secondary set that I can process in b&w while also preserving the original color batch.

Should the first step be to preserve my color photos as a Photoset, a Smart Photoset or a Collection?

After they are tucked away, should I then create Virtual Copies of all the photos or is there a way to duplicate my color set for the purposes of b&w conversion? Thank you.

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I think the best way is to select all the photos that you want to duplicate, and then in the Library view, create a new collection. On creating a collection, you can choose to add selected items to the collection. Under that I think you can then also tick an option to create virtual copies. By doing this it leaves the originals (with edits) intact, and creates a virtual copy for each of them with edits you've made so far, and groups them into the new collection.

I believe it actually puts the virtual copies in the original folder, so they should be grouped there.

you can then work while ensuring you are working within the collection

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Yep, that's the ticket! Thank you laurence. –  deeperDATA Jun 12 '14 at 13:37

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