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I can use the screen as a viewfinder or the smaller, eye viewfinder on most cameras. Is there a proper name for the eye viewfinder?

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It's simply called the viewfinder. It can be optical (on an SLR) or electronic (on a mirrorless camera, basically it's a second, smaller screen). Don't say viewfinder when talking about the back display/screen, that will only confuse people - the terminology for using the display to compose your shots is live preview.

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Typically viewfinder means the one you bring to your eye, and the screen on the back is more commonly referred to as the screen or LCD. :)

If you want to be more specific, you can call it an eye-level viewfinder to make it distinct from using a flip-up LCD as a waist-level viewfinder, like the ground glass screens on TLRs.

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