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I am looking for an affordable digital camera that mounts as a drive in Windows XP and above when plugged into the PC via its USB cable.

There is a piece of software that we utilize that permits the upload of pictures into it, but most of the cameras we have tested just list the camera as a device which the software cannot access the direct file system through the browse dialog.

We have had to copy the files off through Windows Explorer and then upload them, when it would be much easier to pull the files directly through the file system.

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Can't you just use a mulit-card reader to read the memory card of the camera? – Saaru Lindestøkke Apr 30 '14 at 16:42

I think any standard camera that has an SD slot will be good. You're better of getting a an

SD Card that has USB


an SD Card adapter like this

both options are cheaper than getting a camera that fulfills the same. This way you can focus on the quality of the camera to take pictures

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All cameras I have (Konica-Minolta 5D, Sony A57, Olympus TG-2), show up directly as a drive on the PC. However, you need to make sure the settings for the USB connection are for a PC connection.

For example, on the A57 "USB Mode" has to be set to "Mass Storage". Other settings are "MTP" (which tells the PC that this is a camera and also lets you connect to a printer) and "Auto" which should intelligently switch between the two. from memory, in my case this sets it to MPT when connected to the PC.

The TG-2 has the same settings, plus a separate "PTP" option for a printer. On the 5D, "Data transfer" has to be set to "Data Storage". Its only other option is "PTP". The 5D used to work fine with my Win2k PC.

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