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Are there any alternatives to the $400+ external shutter remote that can do auto bracketing for a canon 700D?

Basically some shutter + a click wheel that adjusts shutter speed without touching the camera (applicable in multi exposure situations)

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There are a lot of options on Amazon, like this one. The basic idea is you put the camera in bulb mode and use the intervalometer to control the shutter. Some may have AEB settings, or you can adjust it yourself.

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Be aware that the exact Tv when using an external intervalometer may not be precisely the same as when the Tv is set using the camera. For example when set to 1/320 second my camera uses an actual Tv of 1/332 second. An external intervalometer may result in a faster or slower Tv, say 1/300 second. Be sure to do some test shots if exposure accuracy is critical. – Michael Clark Mar 27 '14 at 11:04
the users for that product say you can not set the speed, only the intervals between what the camera is set to – user1938107 Mar 28 '14 at 0:34

You can also skip the external intervalometer altogether and try Magic Lantern. It supports exposure bracketing by the shutter or ISO. It would be in camera and free.

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CamRanger is a good system, although pricey it also does quite a bit more that you may find useful. Here's some information

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