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I have acquired an old Minolta Freedom Dual point-and-shoot camera. It's a straightforward enough device, and pretty automatic: no user set aperture or shutter-speed settings.

But obviously it's choosing some shutter speed. How do I determine what film speed it is targeting? I cannot locate the manual for this camera online with a simple Google search.

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Since the Minolta Freedom Dual is a film camera, it shoots at whatever ISO film is loaded into it. I have seen a reference online that ISO 100-400 speed film should be used with this camera. By the time this camera was introduced in 1987 DX coded 35mm film was available. The Freedom Dual may have read the DX coding on film inserted into it.

I would get a roll of ISO 400 and try it in the camera to see what happens.

This online manual for the later model Freedom Zoom 130 may also be helpful.

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