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Does the EOS Remote app somehow support timed shutter speeds longer than 30 seconds or a press-and-lock feature when in BULB mode? I've not found such a feature and I guess it could be absent so the (free) app won't compete with Canon's own expensive shutter releases.

As of now I need to keep pressing the button, and it would ruin the image if I have to press a lit display during the entire exposure. It's both very cumbersome and the light from the display affects the final image.

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How does pressing the lit display of your control device ruin the image? Can you not shield the camera from the light of the control device? –  Michael Clark Feb 17 at 20:34
@MichaelClark I sometimes step into the picture to use my high powered spotlight to paint my subject matter that would otherwise be underexposed compared to the sky. If I'm walking around with an illuminated phone my picture would be filled with light traces. –  Hugo Feb 17 at 20:38
A wired cable release that allows you to lock the shutter button open would probably be your best solution. They are fairly cheap. Just because you can control your camera with a phone doesn't mean it is the best method to control your camera when you have easy access to the actual controls on the camera. –  Michael Clark Feb 17 at 20:44
@MichaelClark i agree that cable release is better suited and I use them when I do planned long exposures. But if it's possible with an app it would let me do long exposures even I've left the cable release at home. –  Hugo Feb 17 at 20:52
Wireless remote shutter does not have to be expensive. See my answer to "What is the proper remote shutter release for Canon 5D mark III?" but notice the connector for your Canon might be different. They have them all covered and is even cheaper than Canon's wired remote. –  Esa Paulasto Feb 17 at 22:32

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