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In Darktable, in the Lighttable view, is it possible to select/view only images that have been edited?

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Collect Images Darktable module

Yes, using the collect images module on the left. Select 'history' from the left dropdown menu then double-click on 'altered' to show only those images which have been modified. Try Darktable's user manual page for a fuller explanation.

Additionally you can stack rules so you can narrow down searches, eg, by searching by a particular roll or folder and altered or unaltered.

I answered a closely related question here, too.

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That's great, thanks. – Jamie Kitson Feb 14 '14 at 21:11

For a quick way to select the modified images in the current film roll, you can also open the [select] module on the right side. Click [select untouched] and [invert selection].

User manual reference:

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