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We have a very good image manager which reads the Hasselblad H4D raw files and I want to ask some questions:

  1. Does someone know if the RAW format of Hassy H5D is the same with the H4D? IOW, if we can open the H4D's raw files we will be able to open also the raw files from H5D?

  2. Can someone post a raw sample originated from Hassy H5D (any photo will do, including one of a wall) together with a small jpeg/tiff/png in order to see how the raw must appear on the screen?

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Which back(s)? It's the backs that matter, not the camera. BTW, the sample file downloads on the Hasselblad site(s) all say "H4D", but are from each of the various backs. –  user2719 Jan 29 at 8:08
We're probably going to ASSUME Its the Hassel-back. –  Darkcat Studios Jan 29 at 9:26
Yes, of course. It is/I'm speaking about the Hasselblad back. The default back which comes with H5D. Also, the samples from Hassy's site are tiffs not RAW. –  John Thomas Jan 29 at 11:21
It's not about the branding, it's about the back. There are 5 different Hasselblad backs specifically for the H5 (40MP crop CCD, 50MP and 60MP "conventional" full-frame CCD, 200MS, and a 50MP CMOS). The H4D had a similar-sized assortment of backs available (31, 40 and 50 "conventional", 50MS). –  user2719 Mar 25 at 4:35

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