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I am looking for lens options for a new M4/3 camera I just bought. I'm particularly interested in landscape lenses. However when searching for lenses I can't find one place that has a complete index of M4/3 lenses. Is there such a place?

So far I've found this page with partial listings:

Limited to Panasonic, Olympus, Sigma, Cosina, Tokina http://www.four-thirds.org/en/microft/lense.html

Lens here also doesn't appear to have all lenses in its search catalog.

Suggestions? (Or corrections.)

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3 Answers

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Our very own Itai runs Neocamera, which has such a list.

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He doesn't have Voitlander or Tokina (even though there is only one, and it's a 300mm mirror lens). Maybe because they are manual lenses? –  BBking Jan 20 at 3:41
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The most comprehensive listing of Micro Four-thirds lens I am aware of is at this posting on the Micro 4/3rds Photography blog: http://m43photo.blogspot.com/2010/01/micro-four-thirds-lens-lineup.html. Despite the misleading dateline from when this blog post was originally published, the post is regularly updated as new lenses become available.

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I've updated this answer, as the information at the link is up-to-date (at least as of 2014-01-19) with all the latest lenses I am aware of from µ4/3 member companies and other compatible 3rd party lens vendors. The dateline on the post is misleading. –  Icycle Jan 20 at 3:00
This is particularly helpful because it not just a list but also provides a description and commentary for each lens. –  mattdm Jan 20 at 20:57
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Doing a lens search on dpreview.com for current micro four-thirds lenses finds 52 lenses here

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