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GIMP has a nice color dialog that lets me change saturation for certain colors easily.

Gimp Color dialog

How can I do something similar in Rawtherapee? For quality and consistency reasons I want to stay in one and that program. But even after reading the manual I didn't manage to influence e.g. the cyan value as easily as here. Even if not as easily I didn't manage to do something similar at all.

I am not trained in graphics software in particular, maybe I am just missing something in terminology. But of course I tried the available tools like the RGB curves but nothing seemed to work as specific as e.g changing the saturation of a specific color.

So what is a good way to do this (selective color influence, e.g. change only the saturation of cyan in a certain small range) in Rawtherapee?

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There are two possibilities- "Lab Adjustments" on the Exposure tab, or "HSV Equalizer" on the Color tab.

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Thank you! I don't see how I can do exactly this with the Lab Adjustments but the HSV Equalizer is indeed the exact (and better) equivalent. – his Jun 28 '14 at 17:24

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