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I own Nikon D5100, with 18-55mm lens kit. I am thinking of buying a new lens. Which is good?

I am more of interested in portrait and natural photography.

Also which filter works well for these scenarios.

Any suggestions, much appreciated.

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Need more information to answer that question. There are simply too many lenses out there at a huge variation of prices and quality. I could recommend what I use for portraiture but for you it may not be appropriate. – connersz Dec 6 '13 at 9:10
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It all usually depend on your style and your budget.

I would probably use a 50mm (which give a field of view of 75mm because of crop factor) or 85mm (field of view of 127.5mm) prime either f1.4g or f1.8g for portrait.

not sure on which lens for natural photography though.

I think a circular polarization filter will help on natural photography.

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