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I shot a bunch of pictures in order to create a panorama on my computer using Hugin. My camera is a Sony PowerShot DSC T-100.

When loading images in Hugin, it asks me to provide some "Lens data" (screenshot), but I don't know how to calculate these data from the specs and the EXIF data of my pictures.
How do I know what to fill into the form fields?

lens data dialog

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If you use 6.03 for the Focal length multiplier field you should be good to go. The Sony PowerShot DSC T-100 lists the 5.8-29mm focal length as 35 equivalent to 35-175mm. This figures out to 6.035, but the 1/2.5" sensor of your camera is in a 4:3 ratio instead of the standard 35mm 3:2 ratio. The diagonal of a standard 35mm film frame divided by the 7.18mm diagonal of the Sony's sensor yields a value of 6.02.

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