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I have some Olypus lenses that were used with my OM20 camera that I would like to use on my Pentax K-r camera. Is this possible, and what would I need to do it?

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3 Answers

I am using the Olympus Zuiko 50mm f3.5 macro lens with the Pentax K-x, but only for macro as it won't focus to infinity. For this purpose I have adapted a T2 to PK adapter by taking out the T2 thread and simply screwing the PK part on to the Olympus mount (non destructively).

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A Google search for "pentax olympus adapter" turns up "Leitax", a provider of replacement mount that you have to screw onto the olympus lens.

You will also need to turn the Pentax camera into a mode where it works with the missing aperture lever that regular Pentax lens provide for measuring. This mode is called stop-down metering. You can read more about this on this pentaxforums page.

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Fotodiox offers an adapter (http://www.fotodioxpro.com/selective-35mm-olympus-zuiko-lens-to-pentax-k-camera-lens-mount-adapter.html). I have not tried this particular adapter myself, but I use another adapter from Fotodiox that works fine for me. The Olympus to PK adapter contains corrective optics that might influence the quality.

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