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I'm looking for a new photography portfolio site and am exploring my options. Quite a few new portfolio sites have popped up and I'm not even sure I've yet seen them all!

The site I currently use is a small European one, and though I love the simple design, I find it very limiting in terms of layout, navigation, and descriptions. I can't really explain photo projects or easily describe where/why a photo was taken.

I don't, however, have a huge budget, so sites like A Photo Folio are too much. What are your recommendations for portfolio sites that are clean and minimalist (and allow for some customization--descriptions, font changes, background colors/beginning images), but that won't cost me a thousand dollars?


  • Most "new" sites developed even a year or two ago don't include mobile/iPad accessibility. Portfolio sites in 2013 often do. Have you found prospective clients/employers to use device features a lot?

-Selling is not an option I need to have; SmugMug and similar sites always seem too visually busy for my specific purposes.

-When uploading my photos to the portfolio, does size matter? Will there be a 2MB limit...or will my photos be compressed?

Suggestions on what to use or what NOT to use? Links to portfolios (even your own) would be much appreciated!

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The amount of questions already on this site that pertain to this subject are too great for me to even list in a comment(not enough characters). Try the portfolio and web tags: portfolio and web for a start. I am wondering why specifically you think that "SmugMug and similar sites are always too visually busy for my specific purposes"? SmugMug or similar will allow you to customize almost endlessly so I'm not sure what you can't remove to make it as minimal as you want. See my previous answer here for more: – dpollitt Oct 9 '13 at 20:54
Have you tried 500px or Zenfolio? Do you have a link to an example portfolio that you do like so we don't have to guess? Here is my own site on SmugMug, that I consider to be CLEAN! I set it up in under a few hours, and it works fantastic on mobile devices - Maybe helping me to understand what about my SmugMug site isn't what you are looking for would help? – dpollitt Oct 9 '13 at 21:02
Hello dpollitt, This is precisely why I asked the question. I did do a search before posting my question and found most all of the information to be out of date given the new sites out there. Also, I gave the SmugMug example because that is the site recommended most to me, and I've never seen an example that was simple and clean. I asked for opinions in this forum because people HAVE had time to experiment with different customization features, and I simply don't know of every site--and can't visit each site and experiment with every single option possible. – c3peat Oct 9 '13 at 22:57
Examples of what I'm looking for, as I mentioned, are clean designs similar to A Photo Folio: (split/screen and rotating cover images) and (full-screen landscape opener) attract me. – c3peat Oct 9 '13 at 22:57
It is funny that you linked to those two examples, as they are both heavily Flash based and will not work on many mobile devices as designed. SmugMug recently did a heavy redesign and has many new themes that I consider to be clean and minimal. I would recommend taking a look at the Power plans for $60/mo. Also - you noted "without asking in a forum" but I believe that is exactly where this question would be better suited. This doesn't really fit with a Q&A site format as you are looking for more "option" and "discussion" of the available websites. – dpollitt Oct 9 '13 at 23:06 is free and you can create pretty nice portfolios there. Lot of customization options and also lets you create a companion "mobile" site. You can import your photos or link to existing services such as 500px or Flickr. I personally don't use it as my primary portfolio site but I did play around a bit because it was quite fun to use.

I saw a few of your comments and checked out the links. Gorgeous! Check out Krop, it's quite expensive but they have some really clean designs:

Some 500px portfolio themes are also quite clean and customizable and inexpensive.

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