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Recently (and always at the worst possible time) my camera will either freeze and give me an f/0 error code or will shoot with a strange click that sounds like the shutter is getting stuck. The resulting image is always black.

My gut instinct suspects there is either a communication problem between the lens (Nikkor 24-70 ED) and the camera or the aperture diaphragm is in the process of failing.

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Sending camera and lens in for repair and maintenance. Will report back when I know what's going on award points if valid. Thanks! –  Rob Clement Sep 30 '13 at 2:09

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There are a few possible reason

  1. your lens is not chipped, thus the camera is unable to detect what kind of lens you are doing. To solve this go to setup menu ->non-cpu lens data and setup a lens. (refer to page 211 of your manual)
  2. You lens have a aperture ring and its not locked to allow the camera to control the aperture of the lens. I am not sure how this is done on a Sigma, for Nikon this is usually done by setting the lens to f-22

hope this helps!

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I get that error almost always when my lens doesn't sit properly. if your lens has an aperture ring and a manual minimum aperture lock lever, try locking it to a higher number and working your way to a lower number(bigger aperture) until the error doesn't show.

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"I get that error almost always when my lens doesn't sit properly." Same here. –  user22430 Sep 28 '13 at 17:25

It's likely that some dirt has gotten into your lens and the aperture blades are getting jammed. I had a similar issue a few months back and sent my lens for repair.

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