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So i did quite a big trip recently, and took lots of pictures with my DSLR and occasionally Android phone. Only after coming back did i read about the whole GPX file, tracklog options in Lightroom. meaning i don't have such a tracklog file.

The android phone did geotag most photos it took. (at least, when it got a gps fix i guess)

So my question is, is there some software or way that will automatically copy the geotag from the android's photos to photos taken on the same time with my DSLR?

Or alternatively, generate a tracklog from the geotagged data in the android pictures?

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  1. It seems that there is no way to create a tracklog from within Lightroom. I just did a Google search on that and looked in Lightroom 4 for options.

  2. You can create a tracklog from your geotagged pictures. Exiftools is the right choice for this and here is a way to do it.

Save the print configuration file as given by that link in your working directory. Run ExifTool with the specified command. It will read all the geo information out of the exif data from the android pictures and create a XML document formatted in the GPX way.

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You can use an Eyefi sd card in your camera so as the card sends the files to your android device, the Eyefi app will add the GPS info to the EXIF data. Totally automated.

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While it isn't an automated solution, if you manually select the group of photos that you took at the same location as one from Android, you can Ctrl-click (or Command-click for Mac) on the location on the map that the Android photo is at and it will place them with it and update the Geotagging.

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