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I just ordered a lens from a website that said H-X025E, but the box that has arrived says H-X025. Are they the same, or have I been delivered an older model?

After looking around, most reviews just refer to the lens as the H-X025.

However, the official website refers to the lens as H-X025E.

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The E is a regional suffix. You point to the Australian Panasonic site but on the Canadian one for example, there is no version with the E. Quite commonly the E letter is for Europe and the product is almost always identical except that it may have been certified by a different set of standards.

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Thank-you, it was good to have your reply as Panasonic took 8 days to reply to my email and I wanted to open the box! (upvoted) – Reilly Beacom Sep 19 '13 at 7:59
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Panasonic replied to me:

Thank you for taking the time to contact Panasonic with your enquiry.

H-X025 and the H-X205E are the same model, the prefix on the end is for different countries where the unit is sold. The Australian model is the H-X205E.

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