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Shots look dull and unimpressive. I can get better shots with my cell phone.The setting is User defined Standard. Should I change setting ?

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can you give us a sample shot? Just an URL to the jpg will be fine. Thanks! – Paul Cezanne Sep 7 '13 at 17:06
DSLR's are typically capable of producing superior images when compared to a smartphone camera, but that quality requires more skill and knowledge from the photographer. Just having a $10,000 camera does not produce National Geographic images for example, the same as wearing the same pair of shoes as an Olympic runner does not produce a world class athlete. – dpollitt Sep 7 '13 at 22:14
Possible duplicate of Why are my photos not crisp? – mattdm May 30 at 16:18

Take a careful look at the colors of the actual world around you. Then compare. The punched-up colors of most consumer cameras — especially cell phones, but actually even that "dull" look from the default Standard setting — are actually not very representative. It loos more exciting, but isn't real.

I seriously suggest leaving the style as Standard for a while to see if you can adjust your own perception. In fact, you might even try "Faithful" instead.

But if you're not liking that, you can increase the saturation, contrast, and sharpness — either in camera or via RAW processing later — or even post-processing the JPEG.

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It does sound like you are using the wrong image profile. I would suggest trying a RAW shot and then develop it with Canon Digital Photo Professional (which should have come with your camera.) Flickr has numerous samples of the results from properly configured XSi cameras. If these don't match up with your results, then your camera settings (contrast and saturation most likely) are not properly set.

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If the images are in focus and clear and only the colour is dull than it is in my opinion the setting. Try to change the setting to vivid or even just push the colour slider 1 or 2 nudges towards +. If your pictures than are more as you like them you know there is no fault with the camera. But I always would leave them as neutral as possible as adding colour and vibrance should always be done in post process, otherwise you wasted your money on a dslr and rather get a P&S. If the picturs are not getting "Better" and stay blurry and dull check your lens and your mirror housing!

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