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Yesterday, I asked a question and some people helped me a lot! I still have some doubts though. I have a D7000 and I shoot mostly landscape, portrait and travel. I wanted to get some really good quality glass so I am between these 3 options.

  1. Tokina 11-16 2.8 + Nikon 16-85 + Nikon 50mm 1.8
  2. Tokina 50-135 2.8 (very good for portrait and landscape) + Nikon 16-85 + Nikon 50mm
  3. Tamrom 28-70 2.8 + Nikon 50mm 1.8

All lenses are amazing, but I would like some tips about which focal range would be better for me. I don't want to be exchanging lenses all time (I don't mind caring two lenses at all, but I don't want to have a wide angle and a telephoto because this is not really practical).

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What other question did you ask yesterday? There is no other question under your account. – Unapiedra Aug 27 '13 at 12:11
that's because yesterday's almost identical question was closed. – Paul Cezanne Aug 27 '13 at 12:33
I believe this was the question he is referring to: 2 lenses for landscape, portrait and daily life - Tokina 12-28 and Tokina 50-135. Why his user account page isn't showing both I'm not sure. But it certainly isn't a closed question. – dpollitt Aug 27 '13 at 13:11
oopps, my bad, thought it was closed... – Paul Cezanne Aug 27 '13 at 15:50
So, the problem here is that only you can answer "which would be better for me" without telepathy. All of those choices are undoubtably good for someone, and it's hard to guess which someone you are. Instead of a big blanket "tell me what to buy", try asking about one specific thing you want to do. Focus on the need, not on a choice between certain options. You can ask ten such questions if you want (no problem!). That will get you a lot more useful results. – mattdm Aug 27 '13 at 15:58

You don't really need to cover all possible focal lengths... And as for myself I find the standard lengths (around 35mm in APSC) quite boring, I'd go just for a wide angle and a telephoto lens: Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 and Tokina 50-135mm f2.8

About the wide angle, have you considered the Sigma 10-20mm f4-5.6? For landscapes you don't really need constant f2.8 aperture, it covers a little bit more focal range, it's a little bit lighter and it's considered a really nice performer in every review...

If you really want top-notch quality, I'm afraid that you will have to change lenses or get a secondary body, as superzooms (like the typical 18-200mm that seem to be the wet dream of every newbie) have a huge trade-off in quality for convenience.

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If you don't want to have to switch lenses alot, I'd probably stay away from the 11-16. The second and third options both seem pretty good for ranges though. It really comes down to how much telephoto you expect to need. The 135 will give you nice reach, but you won't have the f/2.8 across your standard zoom, which is a very nice thing to have for portraits.

Personally, I didn't miss the lack of f/2.8 too much until I got it, but now that I have it, I couldn't live without it. That said, you still have the 50mm 1.8 prime in there that will give you a nice lens for portrait works with a strong bokeh, so either could work.

The second set, you get more range and have to change lenses a bit more. The third you don't have to change lenses as much and get a faster standard zoom but lose out on range. It's also worth pointing out that the faster zoom is more "upgrade proof" since you can't get a zoom much faster than f/2.8, but you may find yourself wanting to upgrade to an f/2.8 standard zoom in the future if you get a slower one. This is what happened to me with my telephoto lens.

If it was me personally, I'd probably lean towards the third option and pick up the telephoto a bit later when I had the funds for it. I might even do the third option without the prime and go for the telephoto as soon as I could afford it and then get the prime later, but that's mostly because I do events and so I need to be able to change focal length quickly. If you plan to have time for your shots, then a prime is very nice to have.

Update: Actually, I came back and re-read it and would possibly lean towards the second set instead. For landscape on a crop, you'll want something wider than 28. I was thinking of 24 from my 24-70 (which is a Canon lens). I missed that it was a 28 which is a bit too narrow for some landscape stuff. It really just puts me back in the undecided between the second and third option though.

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If you just want to carry only 1 lens with you, you can think about Nikon 24-70 2.8f. It is very good lens, 24mm enough for landscape and 2.8f is enough for portrait. The only thing that it kind of expensive but again, I think it is very good lens.

review from kenrockwell here:

Note that D7000 is DX sensor, not full frame

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while it isn't in this version of his question, from the previous, he has a $1300 spending limit. Otherwise, I would also have suggested that lens, but alas, it is $1900. – AJ Henderson Aug 27 '13 at 14:14
Is 24mm really enough for landscape on a crop sensor? I don't think so (it is subjective of course). But if Ken Rockwell says it, it must be true ;) (EDIT: He says, don't get it actually!) – Unapiedra Aug 27 '13 at 16:18

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